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Thread: Buick XP2000 Concept 1996

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    Buick XP2000 Concept 1996

    This is an elegant rear-wheel-drive sedan showcasing advanced technology to enhance the convenience, comfort and safety of its passengers, and excellent packaging - the length of a mid-size Regal, wheelbase of a Roadmaster and interior space of a Park Avenue. XP2000 is a five-passenger car with a pearlescent silver-gold exterior color. It also has a full-size five-liter V-8.

    The heart of XP2000 is a conceptual network of advanced computers that tailors the car to the needs and desires of the individual driver and allows it to use the Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems planned for the next century. These computers also link XP2000 to the rapidly growing "information superhighway," making it easier for the driver to work and relax while in the car. Among specific features is a remote keyless fob that can position the carís seats, climate controls and even driving response to a specific driverís tastes; a "Smart Card" setup in which a plastic card may be inserted into the instrument panel, allowing the driver to charge tools, fuel, food and other services; an advanced head-up display, and an instrument-panel display that can be adapted for use with a personal computer; a navigation system with arrows guiding the driver along a map display; and an array of safety features, ranging from eight air bags (including one in each door panel) to a detection system for obstacles near the path of the car.
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