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Thread: A new Motor Racing Book: MotorBinder

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    A new Motor Racing Book: MotorBinder

    I've watched Ultimatecarpage for some time and enjoyed the posts, particularly when Wouter has published a piece on a car that passed through my family in the early '60s.

    I thought the community would be interested in a book we're planning about road racing in California from 1955-1965 and my father, Bev Spencer's, exploits racing GTOs in that era.

    We're promoting it via this LINK. There is some great video footage of Phil Hill and my father flying around the original Pebble Beach road course in our Ferrari SWB.

    Hope everyone likes it!

    Roy Spencer, MotorBinder

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    This looks like a very interesting project! It is a shame the postage to Europe is $25 for the book.
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    I already have this and I must say it is a good buy!

    steve barbarich
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