Even before the end of WWII, Italian industrialist and gentleman racer Piero Dusio commissioned the design and development of the first Cisitalia racing car. This foresight resulted in the D46 single seater first raced in 1946 and the featured 202 SMM Nuvolari Spyder, which made its debut at the 1947 Mille Miglia. The low and slippery machine was built around humble Fiat mechanicals but nevertheless Tazio Nuvolari managed to come very close to winning against a much larger engined Alfa Romeo 8C 2900. The epic drive from the 'Flying Mantuan' earned the competition Spyder its nickname. We recently captured a very nice example of this early post-War racer, which prompted us to completely redo our Cisitalia 202 SMM article.
Built just a year later was the Talbot Lago T26C Grand Prix, which also competed in the first two seasons of the Formula 1 World Championship. It was powered by a 4.5 litre version of the straight six engine already introduced before the War. This versatile machine won two Grands Prix in 1949 and with cycle fenders attached also managed to grab an outright victory at Le Mans. Our 55-gallery features three different specimens of the Grand Prix raced on some of the world's finest tracks.
Nowhere near as successful as the two aforementioned racers was the ATS Tipo 100, which was built by a group of 'defectors', who walked out of Ferrari over the 1961/62 winter. Driven by 1961 World Champion Phil Hill, this V8 engined machine was never a force in Formula 1. Only two were built and the pictured example is the only one that has survived in its original guise.
At this weekend's World Endurance Championship at Fuji, Nissan debuted the ZEOD RC. The all-electric machine will race from the 'Garage 56' for experimental cars at Le Mans next year. We have updated our article with new images and two videos.

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