Almost fifty years ago to the day, the very first Lamborghini car broke cover at the Turin Motor Show. Dubbed the 350 GTV, it featured a Scaglione penned body, a sophisticated chassis with all-round independent suspension and a Bizzarrini designed quad-cam V12. The latter was displayed next to the car as it did not quite fit. Although the show car was well received, Lamborghini opted to turn to Touring for the body of the production car, which was launched a few months later in Geneva. Fortunately the unique Turin show car has survived and during the 1980s, it was restored and modified to accept the 3.5 litre V12. At one of its very rare outings, we captured the 350 GTV in full detail at the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este in May, which featured a special Lamborghini class.
Lamborghini also continued the 50th anniversary celebrations this weekend with the launch of the Veneno Roadster. As the name suggests, this is the open version of the limited production Veneno launched in Geneva earlier this year. It shares the same 750 hp V12 with the fixed-head sports car, which enables the Roadster to accelerate to 100 km/h in under three seconds and gives it a 355 km/h top speed. Production is strictly limited to 9 examples and the pre taxes price of the Veneno Roadster is a staggering EUR 3.3 million.

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