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Thread: Lamborghini P147 Acosta 1997

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    Lamborghini P147 Acosta 1997

    1997 Lamborghini P147 Acosta

    This concept, proposed by Marcelo Gandini as the succesor to the Diablo, was presented is parallel to a prototype conceived by Zagato, the P147 Canto. Despite respecting the cost parameters of the project, whilst maintaining the roof, the door profile and the windshwield of the Diablo, this model was not at all appreciated. As a result, no prototype of this one-off concept was bulid.
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    Good looking car overall but the rear end is not my cup of tea. Also looks very similar to the Cizeta V16

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    It looks like a curvier Diablo. And the rear is a combination of messy and bland.
    It's hard to put it in the same light of the Murcielago.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cobrafan427 View Post
    Good looking car overall but the rear end is not my cup of tea. Also looks very similar to the Cizeta V16
    Same designer, similar time.. and given the roots of the Cizeta design that's even more unsurprising.

    The shape of the V16T is actually an original design for the Lamborghini Diablo by Gandini when he was at Lamborghini. However, in 1987 when Chrysler obtained controlling interest in Lamborghini, their design team "softened" the edges and generally modified Gandini's original design, leaving Gandini famously unimpressed.
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