When the big banger sports cars were banned from international events at the end of the 1971 season, small displacement prototypes came to the fore. Among the lead manufacturers of these was Lola, who offered cars for the both the two- and three-litre classes. The most successful of these was undoubtedly the T292 built for the 1973 season. Beating close rivals Chevron and Abarth-Osella, examples were used to win the European Championship. Our new T292 gallery features pictures of the first and penultimate cars built. The latter is seen in action earlier this month where it was joined by a very rare three-litre T292. This was one of very few or perhaps even the only one built by Lola with mounts for the Cosworth DFV V8 engine. Following a long spell in the Rosso Bianco Museum, it has been restored to full running order in more recent years.
Culminating with the Group C machines, the sports prototypes would go on to dominate international racing for two decades. Their demise lead to a resurgence of GT racing, which offered Porsche the ideal opportunity to create a new production based competition car. Dubbed the 911 GT2, it was raced with considerable success from its launch in 1995 through to the early 2000s. It was based on the 993-generation Turbo model but for competition purposes lacked its all-wheel drive system. To homologate the racer, Porsche also production a road legal GT2 of which just 55 were built. Quite in contrast, the engineers in Weissach constructed well over 200 of the track-ready 911 GT2 R, although not all were raced in period.

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