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    Lotus Esprit GT1

    Lotus Esprit GT1

    In 1995, Lotus GT1 Engineering was formed using core personnel from the recently closed Lotus Formula One team. The new teams sole purpose was to design and develop a dedicated GT1 version of the Lotus Esprit V8 and to complete with them in the 1996 BPR Global Endurance GT series. Only three cars were built, at great expense, and these were numbered 114-001, 002 & 003 (although one of these was replaced after being destroyed by a fire on track during 1996). Two works-cars were entered the 1996 BPR Global Endurance series, with top European drivers Jan Lammers / Perry PcCarthy and Mike Hezemans / Alex Portman. These works cars were very fast and competitive in GT1, typically doing very well in Qualifying. Unfortunately, the cars failed to make a major championship impact due to niggling reliability problem, often causing the cars to retire from the race. By the end of the year, Lotus Racing were already working on the next project - the turbocharged Elise GT1. This car was entered in the 1997 Le Mans, but also suffered from reliability problems.

    After the close of the 1996 BPR series, two of the original Esprits were converted to GT2 specification (i.e. ballast, narrower tyres and smaller air restrictors). Two separate teams entered the Privilege British GT Championships in the 1997, 1998 and 1999 seasons – Mellors Elliott and DRP – G-Tech. These teams enjoyed varying degrees of success but still struggled to produce consistently good results. Subsequently, Mike Haines Racing acquired chassis 001 at the end of the1999 season and worked to overcome the reliability problems that had dogged its success. After a thorough development programme, this chassis was then campaigned with much success in GT2 races, both in the UK and Europe during 2000 and 2001.

    Car 002 was very heavily damaged at Oulton Park some years ago with most of the salavageable parts being sold by the person responsible for the demise of car 003. The few remaining parts are not thought to be viable as a rebuild project.

    Car 003 was sadly destroyed by arson whilst it was inside a car dealers showroom some years ago.

    This leaves the last remaining original Lotus Esprit V8 with Mike Haines Racing. The car is not currently engaged in any championship racing.

    Technical data :

    Lotus Esprit V8 GT1
    Lotus Racing Team 96 BPR

    Chassis : steel backbone with tubular space frame
    Bodywork: Carbon and Composite
    Engine : 90 V8, 32 valves, Garrett single T4 turbocharged — intercooled,
    3506 cc ( 83 x 81 mm ), 31.5mm inlet restrictors
    Power: 550 bhp
    Transmission : Hewland sequential 6-speed gearbox
    Dimensions : tbc
    Weight : 900 kg
    suspension : Penske alloy triple adjustable, gas, coilover dampers
    Tyres : Michelin
    Wheels : Dymag magnesium alloy 11x18 front, 14x18 rear
    Brakes : AP Racing 6 pot callipers front and rear
    Max. speed : 190+ mph
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    Sorry if I cannot express myself correctly, but I don't know English as good as I want, so my answers will probably be the same in many cases.

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    I quite like the oddity GT cars from the 80s-00s. Very curious stuff. Thanks!

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    Lotus Esprit GT1 to be revived, still sporting the original BPR race number
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