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Thread: Cadillac Series 75 (7th Gen) 1959-1960

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    Cadillac Series 75 (7th Gen) 1959-1960

    No single automotive design better characterizes the industry's late 1950s flamboyance than the 1959 Cadillac, which incorporated totally new styling. Large tailfin, twin bullet taillamps, new jewel-like grille patterns and matching deck-lid beauty panels personified these cars. The long-wheelbase Series 75 technically became the Series 6700, in keeping with Cadillac's new series scheme, but in practice was still referred to as the "Series 75." Production models again were a nine-passenger sedan and Imperial limousine with auxiliary jump seats. Fleetwood lettering appeared on the rear deck lid trim strip. Single side trim moldings extended from the front wheel housing to the rear of the car. Standard equipment included power brakes; power steering; Hydramatic automatic transmission; dual back-up lamps; windshield washers and two-speed wipers; wheel discs; dual outside rearview mirror; vanity mirror; oil filter and power vent windows. Power steering and shock absorbers were improved this year. Engine displacement on the Cadillac OHV V8 was increased to 390 cu in (6.4 L).

    The 1960 Cadillacs exhibited smoother styling, more subtle rendition of the styling theme introduced one year earlier. General changes included a full-width grille; the elimination of pointed front bumper guards; increased restraint in the application of chrome trim; lower tailfins with oval shaped nacelles which encased stacked taillights and back up lamps and front fender mounted directional indicator lamps. The long wheelbase sedan and limousine had auxiliary jump seats, high-headroom formal six-window styling, broad ribbed edge beauty panels and trim generally similar to Series 6200 Cadillacs in other respects. The limousine passenger compartment was trimmed in either bradford cloth or Bedford cloth, both in combinations with wool. Florentine leather upholstery was used in the chauffeur's compartment. Standard equipment was essentially the same as the previous year.

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