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Thread: Chevrolet G-Series (2nd Gen) 1967-1970

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    Chevrolet G-Series (2nd Gen) 1967-1970

    In 1967, ChevyVan received a major facelift, including moving the headlights down to a new redesigned grille, larger, rectangular tail lights and a curved windshield. The forward control cab design was retained, but the doghouse was lengthened, widened and slightly relocated in order to fit an optional Chevrolet Small-Block engine. Engine cooling was improved with the addition of an optional larger cross-flow type radiator and a redesigned front floor which included a low-profile tunnel allowing more fresh air to the radiator. The 2nd gen vans were available in either the 90-inch or the longer 108-inch wheelbase. Power steering and "conventional" air conditioning (with dash vents & controls) were never available on the second-generation vans.

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