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Thread: Ford GT520 muscle car or just car?

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    Ford GT520 muscle car or just car?

    Beginning to put some tuners in the U.S. to shame with its highly modified versions of American muscle. While working on its supercharger kit for the Mustang GT, it decided to go one (or 20) steps further and build a complete show car to show off their work. The stock 4.6-liter V8 of the Mustang GT has been enlarged to 5.2 liters, and with the aid of a belt-driven supercharger and an ample intercooler now develops 520 horsepower and 415 ft-lbs. of torque. The 520GT routes all those new ponies to the rear tires through a modified six-speed manual and can snap off a run to 62 mph in 4.2 seconds on its way to a 178 mph top speed. The suspension and brakes were also upgraded and a set of 20-inch GeigerCars chrome wheels was also added (gotta have the bling).

    Since it is a show car, the 520GT has to look the part and achieves this with a specially developed aero-enhancing body kit that can fit on both coupes and convertibles. A deeper chin spoiler scoops up air and shovels it into the big oval air dam that feeds the intercooler, while an integrated diffuser in the rear fascia and large rear wing keep things steady at speed. The 520GT would also feel right at home in an IASCA event thanks to a 10,000-watt JBL sound system.

    GeigerCars will be taking the 520GT on tour around the globe next year, so hopefully it will show up in the U.S. and teach our American Mustang tuners that there's no monopoly on pony power.

    (Press release, more photos after the jump) Ford GT520 | Best super cars

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    The era might have come to an end in the 80s, if you wanna argue that. But by then the Mustang and Camaro had both moved up from being mere pony cars or secretaries' cars into the muscle car role.

    I see nothing about this particular car which would cause me to think of it as anything but a muscle car.

    Now if you want to question what a muscle car is, we could take a look at the 5th and 6th gen Camaros or the current Mustang, which are beginning to stretch what a muscle car is.
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