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Thread: Need help identifying another car please!

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    Need help identifying another car please!

    Think this one is a bit harder. Any guesses would be much apreciated!
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    Hey mate. I can't help with this one, but for the next car you want to ask about we have a big ol' thread for 'what's this car' requests, it's here.
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    I'd have no clue, but it looks almost like a hobby project made from a bike with a sidecar (?)! The title of the picture gives away a clue though, Opa1stcar, Opa means grandfather in Dutch & German. Possibly from one of these countries?
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    It's a Scott Sociable, an English three wheeler that was made by the Scott Autocar Company of Bradford, Yorkshire in the early 1920s.

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    I saw this one first time. It doesn't look like a car

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