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Thread: Classic vs. Resto-Mod??

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    169 each his own!
    Thanks, Joe

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    I wrote a piece on Resto-Modding on my blog, Gargling Gas.

    I can respect the purist's attitude in keeping a car original, but I can also respect the resto-mod scene, as cars often set to be parted-out are taken and given a few more decades on the road.

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    Yes Sir!!
    Thanks, Joe

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    A little late to the party here, but this is a pretty interesting topic for sure. These days, people are turning muscle cars into electric cars and even 3D printing the parts so that the restomod can be reproduced en masse. Is this taking it to far and removing what makes these historical vehicles unique, or is it it for the best that these cars are receiving up-to-date safety features and modern comforts like AC and better handling?

    Here is another good article that speaks to the pros and cons of each:
    Comparison between restomod and traditional restoration article

    Personally, I think it's up to the individual to determine what will make them happiest with their ride!

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