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Thread: 2014 National Light Series

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    2014 National Light Series


    It was a long time since I posted here last time (sadly), even though I'm always present here somehow. Remembering some of our members' interest to Russian classics, here are some pictures of a new (originated in 2012) series in Russia, called National Light Series (NLS). The story begun in Latvia a couple years before the NLS was started, when they revived the Soviet classic racing on classic Soviet tracks - Dzintara Volga series, now known as Dzintara Aplis. Dzintara Aplis has a larger number of participants, as well as more classes, including formulae and historic Ladas, while the core of NLS now is Volga historic class. The events take place only at NRing circuit close to Nizhny Novgorod (Volga's homeland, ex-Gorkiy).

    Here are some pictures of Volgas from May 25 race, the first round of 2014 season. I've uploaded more in my album, where there will be contemporary Lada pictures later.

    Here is the link
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