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Thread: Chevrolet LUV (KB) 1980-1988

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    Chevrolet LUV (KB) 1980-1988

    The Chevrolet LUV is a pickup truck marketed in the Americas since 1972 by Chevrolet, a division of General Motors (GM). All generations of the LUV pickup have been Japanese Isuzu designs. The name LUV is an acronym for light utility vehicle.

    First sold in North America from 1972 as a badge engineered variant of the Japanese market Isuzu Faster, production of the first generation ended in 1980. The second generation, launched in 1980 as a 1981 model, was produced in Japan for North America and in Chile for the South American market. North American sales ended with the release of the 1982 model year Chevrolet S-10 in 1981. Production of the second generation LUV for South America continued until 1988 when the third iteration was released, once more based on the Japanese market Faster/Rodeo pickups. This arrangement lasted until 2005 when the fourth series was introduced, now a rebadged version of the Isuzu D-Max.

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