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Thread: Chrysler Sigma (GH) 1980

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    Chrysler Sigma (GH) 1980

    Released in May 1980, the GH series saw a considerable facelift on both front and rear ends. While it was only introduced to Australia in 1980, the facelift actually appeared on the Japanese home market Galant models and on New Zealand assembled Mitsubishi Sigma models in 1979. The mechanical layout was as before except for the deletion of the 1.85-litre engine. The base model was now simply called "Sigma" instead of "Sigma Galant" to avoid confusion with the previous Mitsubishi Galant.

    A GLX model was placed between GL and SE level and was advertised as a "sports pack". A limited run of 1,016 "Peter Wherrett" editions of the GLX were built (option A05), named after Australian motoring journalist Peter Wherrett who was given the task of improving the handling of the Sigma by Mitsubishi Motors Australia after complaining about it. The improvements included 15 × 6 Globe "Montego" alloy wheels fitted with Pirelli P6 tyres, Recaro seats, Momo steering wheel, Sonic extractors, as well as lowered coil springs and Bilstein shock absorbers.

    In October 1980 the range was rebadged from "Chrysler Sigma" to "Mitsubishi Sigma", due to Mitsubishi buying out Chrysler Australia's operations. In September 1981, in partnership with turbocharger specialists Normalair-Garrett, Mitsubishi produced a limited run of 500 Sigma Turbos, the first Australian-built turbocharged production car. The forced-induction 2.0-litre Astron powerplant produced 116 kilowatts (156 hp) and 235 newton metres (173 lb·ft). Mitsubishi discontinued the GH series in February 1982.

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