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Thread: Chrysler Saratoga (2nd Gen) 1946-1952

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    Chrysler Saratoga (2nd Gen) 1946-1952

    The Saratoga nameplate returned for 1946, positioned as Chryslerís least expensive eight-cylinder model, in a full array of body styles. Annual styling changes were almost non-existent between 1946 and the "First Series" 1949 Chryslers. Because of government restrictions on manufacturer source goods, Chrysler offered white steel "beauty rings" on its car wheels to give the appearance of wide white wall tires. White wall tires as an option returned in 1947. Fluid Drive continued but the four speed semi-automatic was now offered.

    When the fully redesigned 1949 "Second Series" Chryslers bowed in mid-season, the Saratoga was once again regulated to two body styles, the four-door sedan and two-door club coupe, and shared the 131.5 inch wheelbase and straight-eight engine of the Chrysler New Yorker. The semi-automatic was now called Prestomatic on Chryslers. Saratoga production for 1949 came to 2,475 vehicles in total.

    1950 models received new grilles, taillights and a larger rear window. Production dropped to 1,300 cars.

    For 1951 the Saratoga was built on the shorter 125.5 inch wheelbase but offered the Chrysler's famed Hemi V8. Also offered was Hydraguide power steering, an industry first, and Fluid Torque Drive, a true torque converter in place of Fluid Drive's fluid coupling.

    Model selection also increased for 1951 with a wagon plus eight-passenger sedan and limousine on the 139.5 inch wheelbase added. This combination of the shorter, lighter Six body and the powerful new V-8 put the new Hemi Saratoga in the same performance league as the Olds Rocket 88, but was the quicker car. 1951 proved to be a great year with 34,806 cars built.

    1952 brought new taillamps while the limousine was dropped. Due to the Korean War, production dropped to 17,401 for the 1952 model year. A further 1,300 Saratoga models were built in Canada, the first eight-cylinder Chryslers to roll out of the Windsor plant since 1937.

    For 1953 the Saratoga was renamed New Yorker while the old New Yorker would be New Yorker DeLuxe. The Saratoga name would reappear for 1957.

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