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Thread: Chrysler Saratoga (4th Gen) 1989-1995

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    Chrysler Saratoga (4th Gen) 1989-1995

    The Saratoga name was revived in 1989 when Chrysler rebadged its Dodge Spirit sedan for export to Europe. Marketing of this Saratoga was officially discontinued in 1993, but the Saratoga continued being built and exported, and parts unique to it continued being catalogued through the 1995 end of A-body production.

    These export-market Saratogas were not simply Dodge Spirits with different nameplates. Differing vehicle safety regulations in the rest of the world versus North America required the Saratoga to have different headlamps and front, side, and rear lights and reflectors, glass, mirrors, seat belts, instrument clusters and radios; engine control units were programmed in accord with European emission standards rather than the North American standards. All Saratogas featured front bucket seats. Basic equipment included the 2.5 L 4-cylinder engine with throttle-body fuel injection and a 5-speed manual transmission; the most commonly ordered powertrain upgrade was the Mitsubishi 3.0 L V6 with A604 Ultradrive 4-speed automatic transmission, though the turbocharged version of the 2.5 was also available with 3-speed Torqueflite automatic or 5-speed manual transaxle. Starting in 1993, the Saratoga was available with leather seats and other luxury equipment not provided in the North American market. Most 1993 and later Saratogas were equipped with the V6/4-speed automatic powertrain. All Saratogas were equipped with the highest-specification suspension and brake systems made by Chrysler for the A-body.

    The last Saratogas, sold in 1994 and 1995, were based on the US-market Chrysler LeBaron Sedan. They can be identified by additional fender chrome and an "LE" badge on the trunklid. These models were all equipped with the 3.0 liter Mitsubishi V6, the A604 automatic transmission, leather seats and air conditioning. Saratoga production ended on December 9th 1994.

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