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Thread: Rolls Royce 'Wind Blown Coupe'

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    Rolls Royce 'Wind Blown Coupe'

    Here is another of my old photographs, scanned into my computer. There is a story to go with it of course. It was Aug. of 1979, I was attending one of the first automotive gatherings at the Quail Lodge in Carmel Valley associated with Pebble Beach. It was a gathering of Rolls Royce and Bentley owners and their cars. There were some outstanding automobiles to be sure, but one really caught my eye. As I approached it, I over heard the owner and a young admirer talking. The young man exclaimed, "I know what this is, it's a 'Wind Blown Coupe'". To which the owner casually replied, "THE 'Wind Blown Coupe'. Research will show that it is the only 'Wind Blown Coupe'. It is a 1930 Rolls Phantom 1 Coupe by Brewster. I only wish the picture was better.
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