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    This is the last surviving Cheetah of the original three, built in 1964 by Bill Thomas. It has been restored and is sporting it's original body in green by Allen Green Chevrolet. He was the original owner, and campaigned it successfully in FIA, SCCA, and USRRC racing. This is a very significant historical race car. Even though Chevrolet did not support it, the Cheetah was very successful in racing through the years and was thought of as possibly being the Chevrolet Cobra. Alas it never was. The car can still be seen at the Laguna Seca Historical Races, in August.
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    Thanks for some more words about Bill Thomas ...

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    Pretty cool.Even though Chevrolet didn't support Bill publicly they back doored parts to Bill for testing for many years.

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    Not tryin' to crash the party but to the best of my recollection (I was a couple of years into my passion for racing at the time, about 10 years old) there was a bunch more than three built. And they weren't all that successful as they were known to be a nightmare in the handling department (they were not designed for racing from the get go).

    edit: 'just googled and even Wikopedia has this info...
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