While running a pair of 7.0-litre Chevrolet LS7 V8s in W16 formation mightnt seem sensible, its not as silly as it might sound, Halstead reckons.
I was after bulk horsepower. When you look at that aluminium motor, a fully-dressed 427 Corvette engine which comes out of the box with 515 horsepower (379kW) weighs 230 kilos.
So when you run two side by side, rolling them at 45 degrees as Ive done, and then push them as close together as you possibly can to get the cranks only 10 inches apart, the width of the two engines together is just over a metre.
Im carrying a weight penalty of 230 kilos, but it gives me 1200 horsepower with full compliance. How else could you get that? With a massive turbocharger? Thats not the fun of having something with the brutal torque that this thing will have. And I have an extraordinarily low centre of gravity Ive put two of the heads effectively on the ground, along the crank line.

Look at it. LOOK AT IT!!!!!!