Hi guys,

I have read a lot about car's MAP sensor and it's function but there are some areas that are not completely understood yet!

Let me put it this way:

My car's MAP sensor reads 337 mbar (millibar) @ idle (800 RPM).
When i open the throttle, the reading DROPS (for example at 2500 RPM it shows around 260 mbar)

With the engine OFF and ignition ON it reads exactly the barometric (atmospheric) pressure of our city which is about 870 mbar.

My car is a Peugeot.

The problem is that i saw in a video that MAP sensor reading of a Ford was the exact opposite of my car! When he opened the throttle the reading went HIGHER not LOWER!

(both cars have naturally aspirated engines)

I think that my car's MAP shows manifold VACUUM and that Ford's MAP shows manifold PRESSURE not vacuum.

I know that highest vacuum is created in high rpm and closed throttle (like going downhill)

In this situation my car shows highest numbers and that Ford shows lowest numbers.

But someone told me that my car isn't showing vacuum, it shows Absolute Pressure. Someone else said something about Relative Pressure.

My interpretation of my own car is this:

@ idle the MAP reads 337 mbar. It means that @ idle my manifold pressure is 337 mbar lower than atmospheric pressure so my REAL manifold pressure is 533 mbar (870 - 337 = 533).

So my MAP does NOT directly show my manifold pressure but it shows how much my manifold pressure is lower than ambient pressure.

Am i correct?

Please shed some more light into these concepts.