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Thread: 2005 BMW 325xi - Rvinyl's Project Car

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    2005 BMW 325xi - Rvinyl's Project Car

    We just acquired a 2005 BMW 325xi sedan with the purposes of turning it into a show car. We intend to feature all of the interior and exterior accessories we carry on it and we will be posting before, during and after photos of the entire makeover. We will also be making videos of each and posting them to our YouTube channel and our site.

    The project is expected to take between 6 months to a year to complete but so far the we have planned the following modifications and upgrades:

    - A complete Duraflex body kit (Retails for $1135.87)
    -Compete vehicle wrap: We haven't decided between Matte Black or 4D Carbon Fiber
    -Replacing all of the incandescents with LEDs
    -Smoking out the headlights and tail lights with either Rtint film or VHT
    -Replacing all of the stock carpets with high-quality replacements (Lund or Nifty)
    -Installing interior dash kits from Benevento, DL Auto or Rdash
    -Painting the calipers with Duplicolor or G2
    -Installing Wheel Bands on the rims
    -Installing a new, perfromance exhaust

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    It's a great looking car forums

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    Do you have the interior pics also

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