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Thread: Sprayed VS Laid: What Would You Do?

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    Sprayed VS Laid: What Would You Do?

    This Week’s #SoundOff: Spray Or Lay?

    There comes a time when every paint job has reached the end of its natural life. Assuming you care about these kinds of things, what do you do? Wrap it or paint it? When it comes down to it your costs will be about even so it’s really a question of preference. If you’re looking a truly unique pattern or finish (like the sticker bomb wrap above) then wrapping s the way to go but nothing beats paint for durability. So, lay or spray? Weigh in here and we’ll let you know the results next week.
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    the first thing I would do is to charge RVinyl for the cost of advertising here. Please contact the admin and make your offer, otherwise this thread will be removed.
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    If my only choice was the above (sprayed oor layed) and the remains of the original paint job, I think I'd just wax it as is. No offense but that's silly lookin'....
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    I would stick to the original paint job as well. Vinyl wrap is a little bit more attracting as technically you can get back to basics and remove it, but the negative part about it is the cost which sometimes equals to the cost of a real paint job.
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    I would go with paint. Requires more time and money yet a more permanent solution.

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    Quote Originally Posted by willieem View Post
    I would go with paint. Requires more time and money yet a more permanent solution.
    I like the wraps that are coming out these days. With a good wax and clean some of them look like paint.
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    Yeah, I was hoping we'd get the report button back for spam/advertising.

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