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Thread: A Jaguar museum in Trebic, Czech Republic

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    A Jaguar museum in Trebic, Czech Republic

    Sorry, I do not know whether I chose the right forum for such a thread.
    Yesterday I drove with my wife to a small town of Trebic, to pick up her Amanda Maine cat.
    When we arrived at the site, I noticed a table with Jaguar logo and found a small museum featuring few Jaguar cars and a Ford.
    You can find two E-Types (Series 1 and 2), an XK-R, an XJ-S and two XK classic dropheads.
    Well, if you ever drive our D1 highway, (Prague to Brno), you can find the town of Trebic some twenty kilometres South of exits km 141 and 146 (Velke Mezirici).
    The museum itself is very close to the Tebic castle, and is, in fact, a part of a local restaurant, offering good local meals and several sorts of a very fine beer from the local closter brewery.
    To tell more - you can find very well preserved old jewish part of town there, too, (UNESCO rated site), and nice and quiet, even if big, old town square and a river flowing through the center of the town.
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    Nice photos. would love to visit that museum too

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    How I wish I could also visit it.

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    I was there!!! Absolutely stunning place! I recommend all of you to visit Czech Republic, great beer, legal stuff and awesome cars.

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    Awesome cars indeed. I love vintage rides.

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