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Thread: BMW M3 e36 GTR Style- Onboard Dual cam

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    BMW M3 e36 GTR Style- Onboard Dual cam

    I filmed this amazing bmw m3 e36 of 1998 with a body kit to GTR style
    only full exhaust system and lot of fiber .. stock engine 1050kg
    [ame=""]GREAT SOUND! Tuned BMW M3 + full lap onboard cam - YouTube[/ame]

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    Quote Originally Posted by sova65 View Post
    I want to make tuning your car. And something like a video to make!
    Hi sova65!
    The truth is that it's a fantastic car
    My friend bought this car a French driver who ran for hillclimb races ..
    If I remember correctly for less than 19,000 EUR
    The engine is standard 3.2L M3 e36 ... only has a little ECU repro "335hp"
    the car is very light and the speed curve is very good ..
    He just bought a new gearbox (Drenth DG400 Heavy Duty 6-speed sequential)

    If you want I can ask for the improvements or pieces that this car has

    eDIT! this is the new car for 2016 a fast lap on Jarama ex-F1 racetrack
    [ame=""]TOP Tuned BMW M3 @ Full Speed Loud sound ( BMW ONBOARD video) - YouTube[/ame]
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