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Thread: TVR Cerbera 1996-2003

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    TVR Cerbera 1996-2003

    Few random facts about this iconic British sports car.

    In italian, una cerbera is a frightening, fierce woman.
    And frightening it was. 0-100 kph took only 4.2 seconds. Back in 1996, that was considered as "neck-breaking" and "too fast for a road car".
    Only McLaren F1 and Ferrari F50 could out-accelerate this suave looking 2+2.
    Pricewise, no more than 40,000 was asked for TVR Cerbera. That was Porsche Boxster money.
    There was a very good reason for this rocket-like performance: Cerbera was the first TVR to be powered by it's own engines.
    There were actually 3 engine options: 4.2 V8 (the fastest) 4.5 V8 (more power, but somehow slower than 4.2) and 4.0 inline-six (smoothest of them all).
    More like a race-car engine, V8 was developed by British racing engine expert Al Melling and TVR engineer John Ravenscroft. It is the main reason why TVR Cerbera is now considered as a true classic.
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    More random facts.

    There are no door handles on Cerbera. To get in, you press a button under the wing mirror. To get out, there is another tiny button inside to press.
    Well, it just so happened that TVR Cerbera turned out to be a spectacularly unreliable car. Mostly electrics and those pesky door-opening buttons. Few crankshaft failures too.
    Overall, some 1490 examples were made of this much loved 90s hero car.
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    Excellent thanks, would love to own one.
    "Horsepower sells motor cars, but torque wins motor races."
    -Carrol Shelby

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    I think I'd rather see them have weird quirks and problems than have TVR be owned by the Russians and have the company be stagnant.

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