Before using Pinin Farina almost exclusively, Ferraris were clothed by other carrozzerie, the likes of Touring and Vignale. The latter employed Giovanni Michelotti as a stylist, who often came up with designs that were bolder than those of his rivals. Somewhat more understated were the lines he penned for the unique Ferrari 250 S Vignale Coupe. Created early in 1952, this is a particularly significant car as it is the first competition Ferrari to be powered by the three-litre version of the Colombo or short-block V12, which would go on to power some of the most legendary of Ferraris stright through to the 1960s. The writing was on the wall early as the 250 S won the Mille Miglia outright and also scored a victory in the Pescara 12 Hours. We captured this one-off Ferrari at the recent Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.
It was not the only Vignale-bodied Ferrari to line-up along the Pacific coast. Another one-off, and one with a more typical Michelotto design, was this 340 Mexico Spyder. It is the final of the four cars built specifically for the Carrera Panamericana and the only fitted with open bodywork. Like many of the other Ferraris entered this year, it was not only shown but also driven in the Tour d'Elegance, with the drivers adorning matching helmets. All this and much more can be seen in this 22-shot gallery.
Using the same design language as the 340 Mexico was this 250 Europa Coupe. Shown at the 1953 Paris Auto Salon, it was the very first 250 Europa built and also one of only two clothed by Vignale in this style. Both cars have recently been lovingly restored and can be seen in our 30-shot gallery.

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