Alpine-Renault isn't Renault though. It's something else. This will be sold alongside other Renaults, but my feeling is the buyer coming in to look at the Alpine is an older car enthusiast unlikely to be drawn to the Renaults sharing the floor. And it's not as though Alpine has the best name recognition anyways (yes, I know it is better known in Europe).

I just can't get this wrapped around my head. Were I management, I would want to focus on my core brands, as opposed to developing a sub-brand fronted by a singular sportscar. We've all seen how sportscar sales have done in the past decade. The Toyabaru isn't flying off the shelves.

FCA's limited success with increasing sales for Maserati and Alfa Romeo would be a warning to me as a Renault-Nissan exec. This seems like a vanity project destined to lose money.

An awesome vanity project though; a compact coupe sportscar with decent looks? Sign me up.