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Thread: Daewoo Arcadia 1994-1999

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    Daewoo Arcadia 1994-1999

    Daewoo Arcadia

    The second-generation Honda Legend was also manufactured by Daewoo in South Korea from 1994 to 1999 under the name of Daewoo Arcadia (ko:대우 아카디아 ), for the southeast Asian market, replacing the Daewoo Imperial. During this period, Honda had a loose alliance with Daewoo, and the Arcadia was larger than Hyundai Grandeur, and Kia Enterprise competitors. Daewoo Motors (GM Korea's predecessor) sold more than 800 vehicles. In 1992, Japan's Honda and technology partnership with Daewoo, the Arcadia was essentially the base level Legend. At the time of the Arcadia’s introduction, it was the largest engine, with a 220 horsepower 3.2 C32A, and the price was also high 4,190 million won. ABS, dual airbags, safety belt pre-tensioners, and the most advanced car safety features at the time, commensurate with a focus on protecting the passengers. Some of the features included driver's seat position memory function and front heated seats, push-button door opening and closing devices, automatic climate control air conditioning. After the acquisition of Ssangyong and Daewoo Motors, Daewoo cars entered with the Daewoo Chairman and remaining stock of Arcadia sedans were price reduced, with the Arcadia ending production in December of that year.
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    hey, was this car a clone of the honda vigor?

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    The grill looks a lot different than the Vigor (based off the pictures that smxi just added) but it definitely reminds me of something. I can't tell if that's an Acura or a Lexus but it looks like a clone of something.

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    According to Wikipedia, the 1993-2000 Daewoo Arcadia was a badge-engineered version of the second generation Honda Legend.
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    Haha, that title made me do a double take, I wanted it to say GMC Arcadia.

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    Daewoo Arcadia #2
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