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Thread: Liberty Media Buys F1 for $4.4 Billion

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    Liberty Media Buys F1 for $4.4 Billion

    So, how does this exactly affect F1?

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    If Bernie is still around, I don't think much will happen. I just hope the piss poor USA coverage of F1 improves.

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    Bernie is still there, so.. here's the new oligarch, same as the old oligarch.
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    I don't think it will make any difference at all...
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    My personal take on the purchase: The sellers are very happy as they have been lining their pockets for many years at the expense of the smaller teams (including the many now defunct teams), the race track owners, the GP race promoters at each race, the governments where each race has been held, the Far East nations that were eager to get in the game, and the average Joe race fan who have all been shelling out major dough so that the F1 circus can roll on. And now they will also profit handsomely from the "perceived net value of F1" resulting in the sale price. (So much "Good Will" and so few assets.)

    The buyers will probably either attempt a stock IPO that Bernie could never quite get rolling, or try and flip F1 to another buyer for a profit by reselling within the next three to five years. I do not buy into Liberty have much to offer F1 myself. My take is that even if a second (or even a third) USA based race were to be added to the race calendar, the American fans will never quite embrace F1 en masse the same way the Europeans do. Yes the US market is very important to Mercedes and Ferrari, but F1 has nothing to do with it.

    The only good that may come of this sale is perhaps the end of Bernie in F1. Hopefully replaced by Ross Brawn.

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