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Thread: Daihatsu Mebius (ZVW41N) 2013-

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    Daihatsu Mebius (ZVW41N) 2013-

    The Daihatsu Mebius was the result of Toyota Motor Corporation research in the field of environmental technology. It became the second Daihatsu hybrid car after the Daihatsu Altis. The car was only marketed in Japan.

    The Mebius is mechanically identical to the Prius v minivan (although unlike the Prius v, there is no 7-seater version).

    Three models of the Daihatsu Mebius were sold: an "S L selection", "S", and "S touring selection." "S" and "S touring selection" models had the option of a resin panoramic roof.


    The Mebius powertrain uses the same 1.8 liter Atkinson cycle gasoline inline-four engine used in the conventional Prius, a 60 kW traction motor, and shares the Prius’s Hybrid Synergy Drive system and the same 201 volt nickel-metal hydride battery pack.

    Toyota introduced some refinements unique to the Prius v powertrain. These refinements include a new "Pitch and Bounce" motor control that the Prius v automatically employs on undulating roads and the refined control was designed to improve ride comfort and control. Because the Prius v is a larger vehicle with greater load capacity, suspension components were redesigned to improve handling and ride quality. "Pitch and Bounce" control works with the vehicle’s suspension to cancel longitudinal oscillation when the Prius v is driven over uneven surfaces.

    The Prius v also includes a redesigned engine coolant heating structure surrounding the vehicle’s catalytic converter and the exhaust heat recirculation system has been refined to reduce engine warm-up time and improve occupant heater response time in cold weather. A switch valve electronically controls coolant recirculation through the exhaust heat recirculation system.

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