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Thread: Daimler Twenty-Seven (DC27/DE27/DH27) 1946-1951

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    Daimler Twenty-Seven (DC27/DE27/DH27) 1946-1951

    The DE 27 was positioned between the DB 18 and the DE 36 Straight-Eight. It used the Twenty-seven engine and the short-wheelbase DE chassis. Production ended in 1951.

    Twenty-Seven engine

    The Twenty-seven straight-six engine was developed for use in the Daimler Armoured Car and was later used in the DE 27, the DC 27 ambulance, and the DH 27 hire limousine.

    The engine had its cylinders cast together with the upper crankcase and featured a four-bearing crankshaft with counter-balancing weights. The big end bearings were flanged over the sides of the crankshaft to locate the rods against the crank webs, which reduced engine noise.


    The DE 27 chassis weighed 35 long hundredweight (1,778 kg; 3,920 lb) and had a wheelbase of 138.4 inches (3,515 mm). Its fluid capacities were 20 imperial gallons (91 L; 24 US gal) for petrol, 17.5 imperial pints (9.9 L; 21.0 US pt) for oil, and 31 imperial pints (17.6 L; 37.2 US pt) for coolant.

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