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Thread: Hertz Shelby Mustangs

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    New Hertz Shelby Mustangs

    Well, the new Shelby Mustangs have arrived at Hertz and are available for renting. They are 5.0, and are ready to romp. Here are two pics from our distribution lot in L.A. With low restriction air intakes and exhaust, they are probably close to 450 hp, and sound very strong. Their suspensions have been reworked and with their paint scheme, they look fast just sitting there.
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    Black and gold is a very nice color for cars, they remind me of the John Player Works Lotus cars.

    The new Mustang is really nice, I especially like the GT350.

    Should be a fun car to rent.

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    I like the new GT350s too. They sound astounding.
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    Whenever I think of one of the older ones, I remember Tom Cruise screaming around a corner in one getting honked at in War of the Worlds.

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