At last month's Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este, three of the cars entered were Lamborghinis. The earliest of these was a Miura SV, which represents the ultimate development of the company's first mid-engined supercar. The example shown was an early prototype and is also the very first Lamborghini restored in house by the newly established Polo Storico department. At their upcoming Pebble Beach Auctions, Gooding & Co. will also offer a beautifully restored Miura SV. It is offered along with several other fine Italian sports cars from a private California-based collection.
Of a slightly later vintage was the striking Countach LP400S Prototipo, presented on behalf of the owner by Valentino Balboni himself. This particular car was built specifically for Walter Wolf and was the first Countach to be fitted with a wing. It was shown for many years in the now defunct Rosso Bianco Museum and has been beautifully preserved.
The most modern of the Lamborghinis shown, and in more ways than one, was the Athon Concept, shown at the 1980 Turin Motor Show. As an act of loyalty and support, it was created by Bertone to support the ailing Lamborghini company. Ironically, while Lamborghini now thrives, the current owner bought the Athon at an auction where Bertone's prized possessions were offered in a last attempt to prevent the company from going under.

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