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    LeMans 2016

    Anyone else been watching? I bought the stream and have been watching while I can, been a pretty clean run really. Interesting start under safety car through the fjords, but otherwise dry running and seemingly not a lot of contact between runners. Great to see Toyota running to strongly and seemingly their race to lose (still 30 minutes to go...) and as disappointed as I am to see Webber lose out so badly with that water pump issue, I'm glad to see Toyota up top so strongly. They've badly needed a good result.. for the past 20 years.

    Ford look to have GT-Pro sewn up too, which is a good showing on their debut. Strong showing from the Ferraris too.

    The commentary team mentioned something interesting - Alonso has expressed interest in running LeMans, and maybe running a team. Theory: He's still at McLaren because they've promised him a position in a future LeMans entry in GT-Pro, either as driver or manager.
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