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Thread: Brexit

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    I understand that the automotive landscape in Britain may change somewhat from now on...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kitdy View Post
    Up next, Scexit 2.0: This Time, it's Eurosonal.
    I could have sworn Ireland would have been up in arms about it and the IRA would have potentially been really violent had Brexit gone through.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ferrer View Post
    I understand that the automotive landscape in Britain may change somewhat from now on...
    I chuckled at that. Here's hoping all the politicians that voted to leave have a house full of appliances and wiring made from Lucas Electrics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NSXType-R View Post
    So... can anyone bring me up to speed with Brexit? From what I understand, Great Britain has a lot of trade ties with the EU and when they left they would lose the benefits of free trade, which means taxes and tariffs on all British made products, including cars. That is about all I know about it right now.

    Can anyone more seasoned on this topic teach me a crash course on this?
    This issue is always relevant but even after so many years since your post it is still not clear what Brexit will bring to the British. About 7-8 months ago I had a chance to discuss Brexit with a native English and he said that in his social circle everyonу treated Brexit in a negative way. A lot of them are thinking of moving to Spain since this country has more stable perspectives.

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