At the Los Angeles Auto Show, later this week, Porsche will reveal an all-new 911 racer, which promises to be a revolutionary machine. We will of course keep tabs on that but in the meantime have taken the opportunity to take a detailed look at the very first 911 competition car. Developed towards the end of 1964, the featured example was the first of four cars built to this specification. It debuted with a class win in the 1965 Rallye Monte Carlo, while one of the sister cars also scored a class win at Le Mans. The 911 Monte Carlo was recently restored by Porsche's classic department and starred at the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este earlier this year.
Another star displayed at the shores of Lake Como in 2016 was this unique Ferrari Testarossa Spider. It was built specifically by Ferrari and Pininfarina for the late Gianni Agnelli to mark his 20th anniversary as president of Fiat. Before being shown at Villa d'Este, the striking Testarossa Spider passed to its current owner for a hefty Euro 1.2 million.
Of an altogether earlier vintage was this Pegaso Z102 Enesa Coupe that was also part of the 50-car strong line up at Villa d'Este. Bodied in-house, this particular car was one of the development prototypes for the hugely sophisticated Spanish GT car. It is actually understood to be the oldest surviving example of the brand.

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