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Thread: Car Shopping

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    Quote Originally Posted by f6fhellcat13 View Post
    Yeah, craigslist and other such sites popular with bottom-feeders like me have gone nuts in the last year. Those who've kept their jobs seem to have more discretionary income without the distractions of the outside world to spend it on. The new car market is also being yanked back-and-forth by the rental-car companies; they dumped a bunch of stock at the beginning and are now scrambling to build up their fleets again, even being so desperate as to buy used. Add on to all of that that there's a microchip shortage because of industrial disruptions (COVID, again) both in terms of raw materials and manufacturing.

    So, yeah, buyer's market indeed...

    WRXes tend to hold their value pretty well even when the market isn't nuts. My roommate has the final year of the hatch (in the range-topping Limited trim) and despite having 80,000 miles and being on its third engine, it's still worth around $20,000. If you're wondering and worried about the whole third-engine thing; remember to change and check your oil regularly!
    *seller's market* I think you mean.

    Yeah, I think Subaru is stupid for not making a wagon WRX. They already make a wagon Impreza, dump a turbo motor in there, ditch the CVT and add a hood scoop.

    The WRX is an enthusiast's car, they're pretty much the last manual transmission sedan out there not in FWD so there's going to be some demand. Some dealers had a manual Crosstrek and a manual wagon Impreza for maybe 20k, but too far from me to check out.

    Oh yes, flat 4 Subarus love eating head gaskets haha.

    Quote Originally Posted by Merlin68 View Post
    I hope you get a good deal, soon.
    Until this chip shortage gets sorted out, I don't think so haha. But thanks.

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    Yep, definitely meant a seller's market but my fingers were, once again, insubordinate to my brain.

    I believe this is the first generation of the WRX to not be soley offered with a manual transmission; a pretty impressive feat these days... If only all their cars didn't look like dogshit.
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