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Thread: Mercedes-Benz X-Class 2017-

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    Mercedes-Benz X-Class 2017-

    Mercedes-Benz Concept X-CLASS – Outlook on the new pickup bearing the three-pointed star

    • "Concept X-CLASS" study shows Mercedes-Benz is set to launch the first true premium pickup
    • Product range expansion for sustainable global growth
    • Market launch in late 2017
    • Key markets Europe, Latin America, South Africa, and Australia
    • Investments in the high nine figures

    Geneva/Stuttgart – The Mercedes-Benz "Concept X-CLASS" study, on display at the Geneva Motor Show from 9 to 19 March, provides an outlook on the brand's forthcoming new pickup, the X-Class. The study, first unveiled in Sweden last year, illustrates that the X-Class will combine the hallmark strengths of a pickup – tough, functional, strong, and with off-road capability – with the classic characteristics of a star-branded vehicle – design, comfort, driving dynamics, and safety. This will make Mercedes-Benz the first premium manufacturer to account for the changing customer requirements in the global segment of mid-size pickups, and it will make the tough one-ton pickup with seating for up to five people the first such vehicle to represent an attractive proposition as an urban lifestyle and family vehicle.
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