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Thread: Drent DG400 Sequential gearbox M3 GTR

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    Drenth DG400 Sequential gearbox M3 GTR

    [ame=""]Drive in car : BMW M3 GTR Fast lap On-board / Pure sound 2017 By J.Miranda - YouTube[/ame]
    A new upgrade for this season 2017 is the 6-speed sequential gearbox DG400 by Drenth Motorsport. i want to share a quick video onboard qualyfing session in #Estoril ... This works great!
    BMW M3 E36 3.2L " Evo " Modified GTR Widebody
    340hp @ 8000 rpm
    Top Speed 244 Km/h
    1100 kg
    BMW M3 GTR e36 by The Gallery Cars, en Flickr
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    [ame=""]ONBOARD CAR [BMW M3 GTR] Driving at the limit of grip (HD Video 2018 #1) - YouTube[/ame]
    I made this vid with the racer testing the grip in every turn .. pushing but the brake balance is bad .. making flat spots in the tyres .. Finally this occurs ..

    1996 BMW M3 EVO E36 chassis
    Engine : BMW S50B32 3.2-liter DOHC inline 6-cylinder (195.3 cu in) ( also was powered in BMW Z3M )
    Power: 348hp @7800 rpm
    Torque: 423 Nm
    Wheigth : 1100 kg
    Gearbox : Drenth Motorsport DG400 Heavy Duty 6-speed sequential gearbox
    Wheels: JAPAN RACING JR3 18
    compound : Michelin S8C
    Dashboard: Stack Motorsport
    Steering wheel : OMP Racing
    Body style : 2-door E36 GTR Race Style Widebody Kit DTMFiberWerkz
    Front & Rear Bumper
    [2x] Rear Bumper Endcaps
    Front & Rear Fenders
    Side Skirts
    [ame=""]BMW M3 GTR sound engine exhaust notes , car on track + Onboard camera (HD Video 2018 #2) - YouTube[/ame]
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