Last week's Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance celebrated Ferrari's 70th Anniversary in style with four dedicated classes. The winners of two of these were a pair of closely related sports racers. Powered by mighty quad-cam V12 engines, they represent the ultimate development of the front-engined sports prototypes raced with great success by Ferrari throughout the 1950s. The earliest of the pair is the 315 S, which features a 3.8-litre engine, good for a hefty 355 bhp. This particular example was a works entry in the tragic 1957 Mille Miglia and was driven to victory by Piero Taruffi in what proved to be the final edition of the historic Italian road race. Having been owned by the same American collector for nearly two decades, it was driven across the ramp to collect its price by none other than Sir Jackie Stewart.
Power by a four-litre version of the same engine, this 335 S is the very last of the group built. Completed in 1958, it was built to special order for an American customer. After being raced extensively in period, it was owned by the likes of Robs Lamplough and Bruce McCaw before the current custodian acquired the car. Shortly thereafter chassis 0764 was entrusted to specialist Paul Russell for a complete restoration. He took particular care to find the right shade of NART blue applied to the car originally. The detailed work was awarded with a best in class.
Late last week, Ferrari also gave a first look at the all-new Portofino road car, which will replace the California T. Built on a brand new platform, it is powered by the latest twin-turbo V8, good for around 600 bhp. The Portofino will make its public debut at next month's Frankfurt Motor Show.

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