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Thread: 76th Goodwood Members' Meeting report and 200-shot gallery ...

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    76th Goodwood Members' Meeting report and 200-shot gallery ...

    Having covered events around the world for over 15 years, we are more than seasoned but leave it to Goodwood to provide a new experience at this weekend's 76th Members' Meeting. The two-day event was run under truly winter conditions with a blizzard on Saturday and a snow-lined track on Sunday. Thanks to a brisk eastern wind, it was absolutely freezing throughout the event. Despite the treacherous conditions, the show, with the exception of the motorcycle race, went on and there was rarely s quiet moment around the track. In addition to the eleven races, which included the ever popular Group 1 touring cars, 1960s big banger sports cars and the very early, rudimentary specials, there were also special demonstration runs for F5000 and Group 5 cars.
    At what was certainly the coldest event we have ever attended, we braved the conditions to capture enough material for this action-packed 200-shot gallery, which serves to illustrate this concise report.

    Enjoy the links:

    2018 Goodwood Members' Meeting - Report and 200-shot Gallery
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