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Thread: Ford GT40 Chassis GT40P/1088

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    Ford GT40 Chassis GT40P/1088

    I had the opportunity to film this great ford GT40 Mk1

    [ame=""]THE SOUND of FORD GT40 - Loud car engine Exhaust noise ( Original ford ) - YouTube[/ame]

    Geniune Ford GT40 MK1 chassis,Coming directly from the Willment family collection, Forming part of the original Ford sanction of 100 vehicles (10 prototypes and 90 production models).
    In 1981, John Williment secured the rights to GT40P/1087, GT40P/1088 and GT40P/1089 form JWA for leftover chassis that he had collected. Beginning in 1996 construction finally began on these three cars which are built up from original, un-used and un-raced chassis, in fact a Gulf-spec car.
    the Ford GT 40 1088 remained in the ownership of Janet Willment until being sold privately in 2006.Currently (2018) this car is raced by Patrick Hautot in Classic Endurance Racing 2018.

    Full Car Specs:

    1968 Ford Mark I, Chassis Number GT40P/1088

    Maker: Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, Michigan
    Engine: Ford V8 with Gurney-Weslake cylinder heads, overhead valves, 302 cubic inches - 4942cc
    Horsepower: 425 @ 6000 rpm
    Pounds per horsepower: 5.1
    Weight: 2186 pounds

    Transmission: 5-speed manual
    Carburettors: Weber 48 IDA
    Gearbox: ZF 5DS-25 / Type Zero
    Brakes: Girling ventilated disc
    Wheels: BRM 15'' diameter rim with 10'' front and 14'' rear
    Body:Lightweight moulded fibreglass with wide 'Gulf' rear bodywork arches
    Height: 40.5”
    Width: 70”
    Wheelbase: 95”
    Overall length: 164.5”
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    The noise this car produces makes the hairs on my arms stand up. Beautiful! haha

    (not the hairs, but the noise haha)

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    Beautiful sound!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mckey View Post
    The noise this car produces makes the hairs on my arms stand up. Beautiful! haha

    (not the hairs, but the noise haha)
    hahaha this makes me laugh out loud!

    ontopic: what a beast of a car this is. I actually only saw one in real life once when I was on a holiday to Vegas. On of my favourites all time!

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