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Thread: Setting up an old school modded Halo Trial server - Server Name: M-UCP Server

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    Lightbulb Setting up an old school modded Halo Trial server - Server Name: M-UCP Server

    Hello everyone,

    Been a while since I've been here on UCP and gamed with anyone online from the UCP forums.

    So I decided to set up an old school modded Halo Trial server. It's not found on Steam or similar.

    Here is the download page to get everything you need:

    TLDR Steps:

    Step 1: Download the game (around 100mb)
    Step 2: Install game WITHOUT installing Gamespy (DON'T IGNORE THIS)
    Step 3: Download Patch
    Step 4: Right-click to install the patch by choosing to 'Run as Administrator'
    Step 5: Launch game, Go to Multiplayer, Click 'Get List', select the 'M-UCP Server'

    I am going to set the server up with a 16 player maximum, no time limit, Capture the Flag, Bloodgultch, betrayal off (no team killing), corrected/proper weapon physics, corrected/proper weapon damage, and slow homing missiles

    I remember this was always fun to play years ago, so that is why I am going to set this up again. Should be a good time.

    Also, if the server gets a lot of activity like it used to I'll try and keep it up on a schedule like 'Halo Trial Mondays' or something. If it goes down, clearly something happened on my end (power outage ??) and I will correct the problem...or just come back to the thread and see what's up with the server.

    Should also mention that in case you don't know, the game takes up nearly no resources and runs at an amazing FPS. So feel free to join even if you have a computer with incredibly bad specs as it should still run flawlessly.

    Take care
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    Is this server still up? I would have loved to join.

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