This weekend, the Circuit du Castellet hosted the ninth annual Dix Mille Tours. Staged by Peter Auto, the event featured all of the French organisation's familiar grids of historic racing cars, complemented by the high speed demonstrations of the Global Endurance Legends. Among the many highlights of this year's 'Ten thousand laps', were a pair of Peugeot 905s in the Group C class, two Porsche 917/10s in CER1 and particularly colourful mix of touring cars in the HTC group.
The event was run under perfect conditions befitting the final weekend of Summer. This made for particularly lovely scenes during the Sixties' Endurance race on Saturday that ran into the evening. All this, and much, much more can be found in our 280-shot gallery, which serves to illustrate our concise report.

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2018 Dix Mille Tours - Report and 280-shot Gallery