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    Art Center Classic

    The Art Center College of Design had their 70th Anniversary Show Sunday the 28th. We went and are glad we did. The Art Center is a striking building, long and rectangular, laid out on the hillside with the road passing under it. And it's in a fantastic location in the foothills of Pasadena above the Rose Bowl. Many Celebs, and VIPS were there and of course a fair number of concept cars along with other cars. I narrowed it down to six of my favorites. Hope you enjoy them. From left to right they are; the Shelby de Tomaso Can Am, the Chrysler Atlantic, the Hyundai Le Fil Rouge, the Genesis Concept, a superb 12 Cylinder Rolls Royce of unknown vintage, and two of my favorite cars, the Alfa Disco Volante Coupe and Peter Mullins 1934 Voisin Aerosport Coupe.
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