Travelling all over the world to capture car events means we are spoilt for choice for fond memories. What stands out this year, though, were the handful of parade laps with the Eagle Mark 1 during the Goodwood Revival with Derek Bell and Jackie Stewart behind the wheel. What made these laps so special was that the car was alone on the track and this allowed us to not only enjoy the sight of the best looking Grand Prix car of all time but also the sound of the glorious Weslake V12 in the back of the Eagle. The reason for these laps was the passing of the great Dan Gurney earlier in the year. A true racing legend and brilliant engineer, Gurney used this particular car to win the Belgian Grand Prix in 1967. This was just one of the many highlights in the American's career that included successes as a driver but also as a constructor. With the fabulous Mark 1 Eagle and the win at Spa all of his talents were combined, making it one of our all time favourite cars.

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1966 - 1967 Eagle Mark 1 Weslake - Images, Specifications and Information