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    My rides

    My daily driver is a great car that has been a lot of fun for the past 150,000 miles. It's a nearly 600hp supercharged 2010 Jaguar XKR. I believe it fits Jaguar's slogan of "Pace and Grace" just perfectly. My fun weekend canyon run car is a bit meaner, a 1972 De Tomaso Pantera. I just got it back about a month ago from a 4+year restoration/modification that included converting to fuel injection, transplanting a built 351C 500+hp engine, redoing the entire interior in leather. headers and exhaust upgrades, flush windshield glass etc. It is a beast but beautiful at the same time. I am just getting used to her again after a 5 year layoff. It wakes everyone in my neighborhood everytime I start it, it is unbelievably and ferociously loud.
    Next project is the restoration of my 1968 GTO, my favorite car of all time. It should be ready this time next year.
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    As promised last year, the '68 Goat is back and just as beautiful today as it was 52 years ago. It may drive and float like a Cadillac limousine but it sure is gorgeous.
    GTO pickup2.JPG

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    More images of your Pantera, please... beautiful cars that are still somewhat underappreciated.

    How long was the GTO in resto?
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    I bought the GTO about 7 or 8 years ago. It was a very nice driver condition car. After having it for a few months, I noticed a couple little rust bubbles beginning to come to the surface on the roof. My best friend's son's classic Chevy Blazer was being restored by someone who had worked for my previous tenant who rebuilt salvaged cars at my property. When he was done I asked him to take apart my GTO because I didn't want any future problems. After he took the whole car apart about 5 years ago, he left town and left me with a scattered yard of parts, which is how it sat for 3 or 4 years. Two years ago, the body shop that operated next door wanted to rent my property to store cars, and in lieu of rent I told him he would have to rebuild and paint my GTO. So it took him about two years. It is back at the shop now as there was definitely something wrong with the front end and the steering which they are addressing this week. The interior was in nice but not perfect condition, and when I get it back I'd like to replace the gauge cluster so that I can actually see through the cloudy lenses. I'd like to freshen up the console shifter plate for the Hurst His/Her automatic and clean it up a little better.

    As for the Pantera, I'll attach some pictures below. I've owned her for nearly 20 years, but since 2013 I rarely if ever drove it once I got my 5.0L Jaguar XKR. The Pantera was such a pain to start, always ran on the edge of overheating, and since the XKR with its 600hp was quicker, more comfortable, easier on my 60 year old body to drive aggressively, there was just no reason to put myself through the misery. So, about 6 years ago, I decided that either I was going to make it more driveable and user friendly or I was going to sell it (which I really didn't want to do). So for four long years a shop that works mostly on exotics like Audi R8s, Ferraris, GTRs, etc. worked on replacing the engine with a built and bored 351C that took the horsepower up to above 500, changed the finicky carburetor to Holley fuel injection, replaced the exhaust system, added big bore headers, flush windshield glass, tore out the entire interior, replaced the seats with custom molded C4 Corvette seats covered in leather and diamond quilted with red thread, did a leather dashboard, door panels, and firewall, all in the same theme. I now drive it nearly every weekend, take it to many car meets in southern California, and go on spirited drives with a group of other enthusiasts through the mountains and canyons around Los Angeles. The ability to just turn the key and have the car start up right away has taken away the years of frustration, and the absolute roar of the ferocious sounding exhaust is exhilirating 6" behind your head. Why not take a vacation out to Los Angeles, and you're welcome to take the scalded cat out for a weekend with us. Just give me a couple of days notice, and I'll have her gassed up and ready to go.
    Rowing through the very mechanical gears on the gated shifter and feeling the prodigious torque in every gear will not disappoint you. Just send me a message, the offer's always open.VP__3981.JPGDSCF8741.JPGDSCF8994.JPGDSCF8731.JPGpantera seats and harnesses.jpg
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    An acquaintance sent me an Instagram post he saw a couple of days ago. Someone was filming and commenting about my Pantera pulling into and parking at a Malibu car meetup. I didn't get te chance to meet him but it's kind of fun watching someone else doing the narrating.

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