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Thread: Kia Telluride 2019-

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    Kia Telluride 2019-

    14/01/19 from Kia

    • Largest Kia ever provides comfortable seating for up to eight occupants (includes the driver)
    • Potent 3.8-litre GDI V6 with 291 horsepower and 262 lb.-ft. of torque
    • Powerful exterior design and premium, well-appointed interior
    • Loaded with technology to enhance comfort, convenience, utility and the driver and passenger experience

    Large, bold, capable and comfortable, the midsize Telluride SUV opens the door to exploring in a whole new way. Imagined in America, designed at Kia’s design studio in California, and assembled in Georgia , the Telluride is all about big skies, desert roads, mountain passes, shady forests, smooth highways, and long coastal drives. The largest Kia ever, it provides comfortable seating for up to eight, a powerful 291-hp 3.8-litre V6, available active on-demand all-wheel drive, and an inspiring view of the world. In short, the Telluride offers potential for exploration and adventure every time it’s on the road.

    Telluride is the first Kia designed specifically for the U.S. and is a product of the Kia Design Center in Irvine, CA. From the first pencil stroke it was meant to convey the kind of presence associated with the original legendary SUVs – big, bold and boxy – and the go-anywhere, do-anything attitude their square, burly-shouldered shapes suggested. The Telluride’s sophisticated exterior accents also hint at its interior luxury. Main design cues include:

    • Long, broad hood and wide grille
    • Bold, stacked headlamps convey power and stability
    • Upright windshield and clean side profile conveys muscular tension
    • Inverted “L” tail lamps with LED stripes (standard on EX and SX trims)
    • Elongated nameplates on the leading edge of the hood and on the liftgate provide distinctive identity for flagship SUV
    • Sculpted rear skid plate with integrated twin exhaust tips reference off-road ability and power (standard on S, EX and SX trims)

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    Engineered to be Confident and Capable
    Telluride is engineered to be capable in a variety of driving conditions and provide a driving experience that is enjoyable and confidence-inspiring. Among the many factors that contribute to the Telluride’s composed ride and performance:

    • Atkinson Cycle LAMBDA II 3.8L V6 GDI engine producing 291 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 262 lb.-ft. of torque at 5,200 rpm
    • 8-speed automatic transmission
    • Four-wheel independent suspension
    • Strong, stiff, and torsionally rigid body structure due to the monocoque shell that is composed of 59.4 perc ent advanced high-strength steel
    • Self-leveling rear suspension. Ride height is automatically calibrated depending on vehicle load to optimise control and stability (optional on EX and SX)
    • Choice of four drive modes – Smart, Eco, Sport and Comfort – each using different settings for powertrain, drivetrain, and steering effort mapping to provide the desired driving experience. In addition to the four regular drive modes, drivers can select from two different settings, Snow and AWD Lock, for specific driving conditions.
    • Available active on-demand all-wheel drive2 helps provide enhanced driving performance by actively distributing torque between front and rear wheels depending on road conditions and driver input. The system utilises electro-hydraulic AWD coupling to precisely activate the multi-plate clutch plate, constantly redistributing the amount of power transferred to the front and rear wheels. During normal driving, power is distributed according to the drive mode selected. “Eco” and “Smart” modes deliver 100 per cent power to the front wheels. “Comfort” and “Snow” modes deliver 80 per cent power to the front wheels and 20 per cent to rear. Sport mode splits the power 65-35 per cent between front and back. “Lock” mode delivers power evenly to all four wheels
    • Standard towing rated up to 5,000 pounds
    • Downhill Brake Control (DBC) maintains a controlled descent on steep roads
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    I can't blame Kia for producing a SUV, it's the biggest trend right now, but I really am bored of seeing another generic SUV.

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    Looks like a Yukon. Alright.

    Get them while gas is 96 cents Canadian a litre. Maybe fracking will keep the floor of gas prices lower in the medium term, unlike when gas shot up after '08.

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    Yes, the tar-sands workers drive to Bumblef*ck, AB in their Rams so that suburbanites in Moncton can drive these.
    "Kimi, can you improve on your [race] finish?"
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    I feel Monctonites are still rolling in "domestics."

    This will move the needle slightly for Kia. I guess they have to be in the market. Good for them; they did a thing.

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