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Thread: 1996 Ferrari FX

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    1996 Ferrari FX


    IMG_3403 2.jpg

    IMG_3368 2.jpg

    We attended the Marconi Museum open house yesterday, and found it somewhat interesting. One item in particular I wanted to share with all my jaded, psuedo-intellectual friends on UCP; it is this 1996 Ferrari FX from the Collection of the Sultan of Brunei. Hope you find it moderately interesting.
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    Really awesome car! I dig those wheels.

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    The Ferrari FX is a Ferrari automobile which wis custom made for the Sultan o Brunei bi Pininfarina. It featured the Flat 12 ingine o the Ferrari Testarossa an a 7 speed sequential transmission frae the Williams BMW Formula Ane team. Anerlie seiven caurs wur iver made, sax o which wur delivered tae the Ryal Family in Brunei. Dick Marconi managed tae acquire vehicle number fower frae Williams afore it shipped tae Brunei an it is nou on display at the Marconi Museum in Tustin, California.

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    Thats sick as hey

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    I'm normally a Ferrari fan but the front end of this car is straight off a 1998GM Saturn SC2, in other words, UGLY!. Rear flanks are interesting and I also like the wheels.

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